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Interior Design
Interior Design

Life is so busy that sometimes we need that little extra help to feel calmer and free up some time in our daily lives. Let me help you create solutions for more free space and a cleaner, more organized area for you and your family. Specializing in organizing and decorating, I can take on projects in a  variety of rooms, such as closets, garages, kitchens, and more. I also assist with helping you to dispose of unwanted items to sell, donate or recycle.

I'm very detail oriented, and efficiently sift through and separate items and display them in a way that supports access and maintenance, while still making a space aesthetically pleasing. After years of experience in high end retail I have many techniques to make everything more beautiful. If you are  thinking of renting out a home or even just a room, I can assist with various aspects of that too. 

I love nothing more than to help my clients minimize, organize and better utilize the space in their home. If you are struggling with any visual or organizational area of your home, I can help. Click here to read an overview of my services or contact me via email for a free consultation.

"Heidi was an amazing person and was awesome at helping me. She organized my whole kitchen living room area. Before she got there it was a disaster and she turned into the Four Seasons Hotel. Such a wonderful job and she's very kind-hearted. You'd be lucky to have her work for you. Thank you so much Heidi.”

“Heidi was very professional. She was very helpful with organizing and helping me stay on track with my ADD brain. She did a great job and I highly recommend her.”

“I didn't have time to unpack after my move by myself. Heidi came in and made the space perfect very quickly. She helped me unpack many large boxes of clothes, organized them into sell, keep and donate. Then color coded my whole wardrobe. I am shocked! It looks amazing and so tidy. I am very happy with the outcome and will use her again for future tasks. She also was so sweet with my dogs, lovely to talk to and never made me feel judged from horrible mess.”


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